Synthbot1 Programming

Synthbot1 Variable Values

In general, Synthbot commands mirror the actual input for the Moog Voyager and the documentation in the Moog Voyager Manual. There are 5 different types of input for the Moog Voyager that you can control:

Full Range Knobs

Full Range Knobs can take any value between 0-16383. This corresponds a 14-bit unsigned integer value (uint14) which is composed of 2 7-bit integers (MSB,LSB).

Stepped Knobs

Stepped Knobs have a limited range of specific value inputs. Check the appropriate table.


All switches have two possible input values: ON and OFF.


Wheels take an input value between 0-127 (uint7). There are two wheel inputs: Pitch Bend and Modulation.


The Voyager's keyboard has a note range from F3 to C7. Available note names: Ab,A,A#,Bb,B,B#,Cb,C,C#,Db,D,D#,Eb,E,E#,Fb,F,F#,Gb,G,G#. A midi note consists of a value, octave, note modifier (sharp, flat or none), and velocity. The Voyager is a monophonic synthesizer meaning it will only play one note at a time.

SynthBot1 Note Construction
Note Modifier Octave Result
Any note A-G #, b, or none 3-7* Input Note
C # _6 C#_6

*F3 is the lowest note so Fb_3 and below will not sound. Also, C7 is the highest note so C#_7 and above will not sound.