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Welcome to the CommunitySynth Command Center!

Are you Ready for a Voyage? Join the crew at CommunitySynth on Twitch.

Community Synth is a Twitch driven interface to play a miniMoog Voyager as a community.

Your loyal droid SynthBot1 will help you navigate space and time on your journey. First, type "!user login" in the CommunitySynth Twitch Chat.

Earn roles through experimentation and unlock full control over the Voyager!

*** While we are still in Alpha development all users logging in will recieve the Oscillator, Filterer, & Enveloper roles. No other roles will be achievable. ***

SynthBot1 Roles

SynthBot1 roles are listed on the left of the page. Follow the links to see the available commands.

Enter the commands into twitch chat and begin your voyage!

Midi Song Library

Moog Voyager Manual


Synthbot Syntax