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Filterer Role

The Filterer Role give you control over the Voyager's Filter Commands.


Filters can be used to control the frequency output of the sound. The Voyager has two filters. Both filters are controlled through a single set of commands.

*** During the alpha phase all commands in this role must be prefaced with "moog". So, !cutoff 2000 needs to be entered as !moog cutoff 2000 ***

Filter Commands

Command Command Usage Variables Example
Adjust the Filter Cutoff Frequency !cutoff FREQUENCY FREQUENCY = FRK = 0-16383 !cutoff 8000
Adjust the Filter Spacing !spacing SPACING SPACING = FRK = 0-16383 !spacing 6543
Adjust the Filter Resonance !resonance RESONANCE RESONANCE = FRK = 0-16383 !resonance 1200
Adjust the Filter Keyboard Control Amount !keyboardAmount AMOUNT AMOUNT = FRK = 0-16383 !keyboardAmount 11000
Change the Filter Mode from Dual Low Pass to High & Low Pass